Trademarks are a funny thing

Just today I wondered why the new George Clooney vehicle “Wonderland” is advertised as “A World Beyond” in Europe.

Turns out, the trademark “Wonderland” has already been taken by the yearly EDM festival in Belgium (which might also be why it has in turned been coined “Tomorrowworld” in the US).


The Flawed Magic of Broken Age

“Cute”. It’s the best word I could describe Broken Age with. It’s not great, but it’s not really bad either. It has its heart in the right place and while it is more or less devoid of sarcasm or irony, it’s not without some dry wit.

I guess I have to warn you – this post will contain Spoilers and will be a rant – so that might already tell you which direction this piece will take. So don’t tell me you haven’t been warned.. ;)

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Trying out the whole YouTube thing

Starting today, I’ll try out this “new” YouTube thing – since I got my new PC, I’ve also had the chance to do fullscreen capturing of the games I play.

So I’ll record me playing games of old and new (sometimes with a Beta test thrown in) and comment my gameplay on YouTube. It will stay a nice little hobby though, as recording gameplay is easy, but doing a commentary track with at least some helpful information doesn’t seem to be..

You can reach the channel either via the link in the main navigation above or going directly to YouTube.

There’s Something Rotten In The State Of Social Media

The business advantage of limiting what users can do is that user behavior can be better channeled and predicted. We the users become lab rats forced to eyeball whatever is placed in front of us. Many people won’t even realize exactly how staged and contrived their digital social services have become, as they are encouraged to keep scrolling mindlessly through all the tasty looking, populist clickbait fired at their eyeballs.

Great writeup of the current state of social media by TechCrunch: